Monday, February 27, 2012

It seems I have a grudge against my bed and the cold air

Well this strip below may depict what I sincerely mean..

Huh..lately I slept a lot. I mean really, a lot it almost seemed like that was really the only thing I did when I had a free time for the past few weeks.  Have I finally come to a sleeping phase in my life?

This really, though my outer appearance did not convey this even a bit, disquieted me. Sometimes I missed a class due to overslept, I didn't study much, and apparently I had somehow gained weight and my clothes felt pretty tight, though I think that was probably because it had shrank. I had tried to avoid this sleeping addiction, yet invariably always ended up sleeping anyway. 

With only a bit of self-discipline and a strong will, I know I can overcome this. But I'm really lacking in those aspects. When you combine a warm fuzzy bed with a cold air, it results in a lie in and sleeping addiction, seriously. 

Bad bed! 
It is childish and immature to blame the bed and the cold air for my laziness, which without a doubt was due to the lack of discipline in myself. Anyway, since I can't change the weather, I've somewhat decided, after a short consideration of the possible consequences that might befall me, that I'm going to avoid my bed for one whole week. Which means, I absolutely cannot sit or lie on my bed regardless of what the circumstances might be because the obvious inevitable resultant would leave me in a deep turmoil.

This is the only way, I guess.

Friday, February 17, 2012

My first post after a long dot

Here I am back again in my blog.

I checked on all the posts that i've put up here in my blog, and realized that almost all of it contained non-stop complaining, yet there were still people who read and give supports albeit the fact that they may have been depressing to read.
How could I not realize it, all of this while I was searching for this so-called true friends, I have had them already right under my big nose. If I had only looked closer.

The world worked in such an unfriendly and unparalleled way, that it chose the loss of priceless and valuable friends as an object lesson to awake me from my long self-delusions.
Why didn't I realize it earlier?
Yet, there I was mumbling of how I wasn't being myself and that I was hiding from the rest of the world, while the fact was that it had been me all along.
Somehow, everything little things that i'm mentioning right now sound so shallow. So fucking shallow.

Thank you Leana, Aiman, Azrul, Zahid, Ron, Crayon, H, anonymous and other writers who commented on my blogs. I'm sorry i hadn't been able to appreciate your presence.
Thank you so much for the companionship. You may have left this blog already, but even so please know i'm always grateful for your ever honest concern.

p/s: if you're reading this, how about coming to my house over this summer? i'll treat you guys for something delicious lol. seriously.