Tuesday, May 8, 2012

silly me

LMAO rolling on my bed thinking about it. Well, truthfully it may not sounded that funny at all, but it totally cracked me up.
I suddenly remember an idiotic mirth that happened when I was in secondary school. I think I was in form 3 or form 4 and I had Pn. Hakimah (I'm pretty sure I have it right) as my English teacher.

Te whole class had a free period or so thought since I was idly reading an English novel in the class. As expected naturally I would bump into words that I did not understand, and the lucky word of the day was..I'd save it for the last.

As expected naturally in an English class with an English teacher in front, I headed to her to clear my obscurity.

"Teacher, what does this word mean?"
Looking a bit uneasy, she asked "Where did you find this word?"
 "Oh..I was reading this novel. How do you pronounce this? a-shol? e-shol?"
"It's a bad word. Don't concern yourself with this.."

Unsatisfied, I asked my friend about it.
And of course she ended up laughing and calling me stupid. I bet you could guess already what the word is. Sigh.
The synonym for it is 'butthole'.