Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking a Deep Breath

It is really painful to see someone that you love and care very much suffer. Her anguish look, often lacking of a genuine smile that seemingly oblivious to other people, her low unenthusiastic voice accompanied by her sorrowful eyes always staring sideways and the spirit that is gradually vanishing like a small flame on an almost completely burnt firewood.

The thing that sucks is that you know she needs help but you can't really do anything much to change the situation. You try to help in your own way, but often it does not give the effect that you had wanted. Sometimes you can be so busy, selfish and self absorbed with your own business that you tend to forget about it. And in the end, you just cry along with her.

Crying in your own effete and watching her sinking lower in her dark solitude.
Nevertheless, i guess there should be no last stop to keep on trying. There are always other alternatives. But you can only hope it is not too late by the time you have found it.