Sunday, November 14, 2010


Damn it...!!

I's so stressed because i'm stressed about something i should not stress about! and it sucks because i can't get it out of mind. and it sucks because it keeps me from doing something more incredibly important like my assignments. and it sucks because not finishing my assignments will add to my already fucking high level of stress. And it sucks because this can cause the production of excess sebum which can cause pimples on my face.

Tomorrow morning i'll go jog and clear my mind and just forget about it and feel awesome about myself! Haha

Btw to those who read my blog. Thanks although it's full of craps. It's meant to be full of craps anyway but i'll try to post something more informational next time.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010


OMG i tercalarkan my mom's car.. matilaaahhhh.
tomorrrow akan basuh kereta sebersih-bersihnya, biar sampai berkilat macam gigi iklan colgate, biar my mom senyum gembira bila tengok. Lepas tu baru bagitahuu. Oh tuhan tolong lahhh kuatkan semangat apabila tibanya waktu itu.=.=

Friday, November 12, 2010

moving on

He is always so optimistic about life. Always. So..
He moved on.
He found another girl that can make him smile.

I'm happy for him.
I should be. I just dont know why i'm feeling so sad.
Bloody pathetic!

I had always thought that i had done the right thing.
I hope i did. Or maybe i really didnt do anything much.

Life is like a journey on a train, the way i see it sometimes. On your way to your destination, people come and go. Some will be with you till the train stops at the next station, some perhaps longer while the others are maybe just connected by a decent yet hopeful smile. But one or a few will stay with u till the end. Only, u never know when u will stop.

Regardless of anything, sometimes u just have to move on. If u cant, learn how to.

I want to share a quote that i'd found in a very special book. It's nt related pun dgn kat atas,bt wtv.
'Everything looked and sounded unreal. Nothing was what it is. That's what i wanted-to be alone with myself in another world where truth is untrue and life can hide from itself'
by eugene o'neill