Saturday, October 17, 2009

A joke much?

Last night i watched a korean drama. oh my god...the guys are so hot!hahahah:D
I always wonder how a guy could be so damn beautiful with flawless porcelain skin, red juicy lips and such mesmerizing eyes. It is quite unfair for us girls who are SUPPOSED to be called 'pretty' and 'beautiful' you know

Especially Jae Joong, a member of DBSK. wawawawawawa....XDDD

You gotta see his face's so perfect i swear he looks just like one of the characters in all the Japanese games and anime and stuffs.
If he's a transvestite i'm pretty sure most of the guys wouldn't even blink when they see

oh oh...btw actually this is not what i wanted to talk about.
As i've mentioned before, i watched i korean drama and i found out a very hilarious joke.

So i tried it on my friends
It went like this:

Me: Seekor arnab dengan kura-kura yang berjalan dgn cepat berlumba, sape sampai dulu?

Friend: uh..arnab kot

Me: bukan..kura-kura la sebab die jalan ngan cepat.hahah..

Friend: oh ok
(hm..actually it wasn't the right respond that i expected to get..despite the disappoinment, i continued)

Me: ok one more, seekor arnab dengan kura-kura yg pkai spek lumba, sape sampai dulu?

Friend: uh kura-kura

Me: uh nape?(grinning already..)

Friend: sbb die nmpk ngan jelas

Me: salah la..cuz ble bukak spek rupenya kura-kura yg same ngan yg tadi.haha..

Friend:uh......(muke slenge)

seriously i really think it's funny you know but unfortunately my friend didn't think so.

thats all tho. bye2...^^

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fly Me to the Moon

oh man..its 3 o clock in the morning and i'm still trying very desperately to play the song
Fly Me to the Moon.

The song is very nice and very enjoyable to listen to.
Huuh...nevertheless, my determination is fading away, my desire to sleep is winning the fight.
My fingers are hurting and also my head, and i'm damn hungry.

I'm watching a video lesson now. The guy played it so damn beautifully..and it just made me want to try harder.

I really2 hope i can play it pretty smoothly later, even if it's just a part of it.