Friday, June 25, 2010


Aku ingin lari jauh-jauh,
melepasi semua orang,
tidak seperti mereka aku tidak bermuka,
biarlah mereka memandang dengan jelik pun,
mahupun tersenyum sinis,
aku mahu terus melangkah laju,
tapi sepertinya kakiku tidak mampu bergerak.

Aku mahu teriak sekuat hati,
sampai benua dihujung mendengar sekali,
betapa aku sudah penat,
betapa aku sudah sangat letih mencuba,
jasadku seperti ingin cair menjadi lumpur,
tapi sepertinya ia tersekat di kerongkongku.

Yang mana satu aku?
Ah, terlalu banyak wajah yang bersepah-sepah,
teruskan mencari bisik mereka,
tapi aku sendiri pun tidak tahu bagaimana.

A Wake Up Call Perhaps?

Today after class, we got the usual usrah umum in LT1. All the students got to watch the remaining videos that were yet to be shown on Thursday due to time constraint. Anyway, the videos were pretty cool but i still think that Zinnirah's was the most awesome. Ahaha:D

After that, Aimi and Nad showed a video on arwah Jannah as a way to reminisce the good memories with her. She was happy and all in the video, with not even a bit of worry. I don't know why but lately her smiling face appeared quite a lot in my mind. There i was on the seat, my eyes following every move she made. I still couldn't quite believe that she's not here anymore. Somehow, the depressing reality was pretty hard to be absorbed.

It's just weird you know. It still feels unreal. Last month or so you were talking to her, and now even her shadows you won't get to see anymore. Although death is something that you see and hear everyday in the news, and I know it is inevitable when the time comes, but only now the reality had just checked in. Only now i can feel that it is really near, so near you won't have any chance to run and escape.
I'll pray for her to rest in peace and be with the blessed people.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wrong turn

I met this one guy.
He's cute,
he's funny,
he's really really interesting,
he's so fun to be with,
and not to mention quite good looking too.
He's pretty much the ideal guy for me.

We went on dates and i was so sure that i like him.
But it turned out later that he is...GAY!

For the first time, i didn't know what to say.
It was really funny though. Although it shocked me a bit, but I will live on.:D

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A bit of MO's life

Oh..i have only one more week of holiday = one more week of doing anything i want = one more week of happiness and joy. I wanna stay at home longer.WOoo...XO

Anyway, i went to Az-Zahrah IMC to do my hospital attachment there and it was pretty awesome because i got to see this one woman getting stitched on her forehead and some other stuffs. And the MO was cool and funny, she pretty much told me her journey to becoming a doctor and her life. She said housemanship was damn tough and i just read this one article about this young doctor who couldn't take the heavy workload and seemingly endless hours of working, and she just snapped after six months. Housemanship is really taking its toll on the young doctors because statistically she was on one of five housemen in a month to be suffering from mental illness. The on-call system is one hell of a system since you may work 36 hours at a stretch with just one to two hours rest in between. I think coffee and tea are gonna be my faithful companions throughout the two years.
There is still a long way to go before reaching that phase though.

Um...last night i watched mv by julian and the lonely islands. Julian is so undeniably hot in boombox with his fingerless gloves and shades. The lonely islands punya vids like wth? bodoh gila.hahaha