Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dear Blog and A Song

Hey again. 
I have long ignored this blog of mine. And hence, I guess I owe it a apology.
Dear blog, I am sorry. I know I have not been showering you with a lot of love-in this case perhaps posts would be more appropriate. I do miss you but please understand my lack of creativity and willpower to write even one post. Your silent response and willingness to accept my apology by allowing me to write this, I am forever grateful.
Something sad happened yesterday. But I don't think I should reveal it here.

Anyway, since this blog received very few views I am not so shy to post a.....
Cover of me singing one of my favourite songs!
This is a cover of a song called Driving by Olivia. In the middle of singing, I suddenly got nervous and forgot the lyric haha. 

That is all. For you who is reading this, I hope you're in pink of health:)