Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blackbird and Blarney Castle

Assalamualaikum and Hi:)

Today I went to Blarney Castle and took a lot of pictures. The view was breathtaking and the place was actually quite wide. I walked alongside a river with clear flowing water, and just enjoyed the view basically. There were two main highlights of the place; Blarney Castle (of course) and Rock Close.

There was an old small cave, with one opening. I had to crouch down to enter and it was damn scaryT.T I didn't think caves could be so damn terrifying, but it got me thrilled too haha. Unfortunately, I hesitated on kissing the infamous Blarney Stone. The experience was not that nerve-wrecking really due to probably the fact that the stone was located twenty feet above the ground and entered your head through a small opening to kiss it, just that I heard bad disgusting rumours that some irresponsible people peed onto it. I know, effing-what-the-heck-was-I-thinking-YUCKKKK but it turned out the stone was guarded by this old kind guy who smiled a lot and he also cleaned it several times a day. And it's such a waste since you have no Blarney Stone anywhere else and Winston Churchill kissed the stone too on 1912. (perverted thought interrupting: so many indirect kisses bleurghh) Still, the rumours could have been true. If you're wondering whether I kissed it or not, I ain't gonna tell ya hehe:P

This is a part of Rock Close. Just below this stance, you can see a cute small waterfall

I think it's a cherry blossom tree. Regardless, one cannot disagree on its beauty

The rocks look pretty much like that. Actually, this is a Sacrificial Altar of a witch.

Wishing Steps. If you descend the stairs and go back up with your eyes closed, your wish may just be granted. Also if you walk backwards.

It's still a wonder how this stature was developed. It reminded me of Snow White when the old witch wanted to kill the prince and she pushed a big rock like this down the hill

And walaaaaa...Blarney Castle
About Rock Close, there's nothing much I could say about. Pictures may paint a thousand words but sometimes you just have to watch it for yourself to get the 'feel'.
Enjoy the pictures:)

And I made a cover on Blackbird by the Beatles. Despite my unqualified skill to play it, but well who says you have to play it perfectly to enjoy a song. Just my own personal indulgence:)

I'll be having my summer exam in two weeks time, so wish me luck. And good luck too in your studies. Take care.