Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Horrible Dream

I woke up to find tears on my cheeks. I cried in my sleep and when i woke up i found myself still crying. The sickening feeling in my stomach would not disappear. It stayed there, like it was being glued to the wall not ready to fall down just yet. I just stared at the white ceiling. The dream i had just now was probably the worst one I have had since I started dreaming.

It was not about ghosts. In fact, there were no abnormalities of nature involved. Although I could only remember the dream vaguely, I knew it had something to do with a tragedy. A betrayal from the people I trusted and loved. I found myself not breathing properly for a couple of minutes. It quietly left me feeling all churned up.

Today was a bad day, i guess. So many things happened.

I hope I could lie down on the sand right now, and stare at the sky. Let all the innocent waves wash me up slowly and gently. Even for just an hour, it's enough.