Monday, August 24, 2009


ooh it was awesome..haha.

seriously it totally made me realized that there were people who were just amazing.
yeah..they could damn talked and it was really impressive.
it's like listening to a debate by some-knowledgeable-adults stuck in bodies of 17-18 years old teens.

i wondered how they could just blurted out every single point spontaneously,and almost every one of them brought an impact.

i was in awe man. damn serious!

ooh and i met some new friends and became closer with them.
we went to PD and rode the banana boat. wee hee! it was fun, except when the sea water got into my eyes and my mouth and through my nostrils.

anyways it was a greaaat experience and if i can repeat it all over again,i will with no doubt.

Dalila Ezzy Jecintha Kei Nadiah Irfan Syed Min Fern Azzeem Sean Aaron Azuan Aizat Evan Amir Kwan Juliana Dhania and Qasim and etc. was cool knowing you guys.