Saturday, November 21, 2009

Love just sucks!

I kinda dislike being in love. I mean towards the opposite sex...(my love for my family is infinity and will never end)
because when i'm in love every space of my mind will be occupied by him. which just sucks a lot!
It just makes me so freaking angry because i couldn't get rid of him.
And my exam is so near and i need to freaking focus on my studies and
i just couldn't! Shit betol!

Why do this kind of thing happens?
That's why I usually just have crushes, flirt with many people but I avoid to really falling in love and being emotionally attached to someone..although people say love is wonderful, and brings happiness yada3.
Yeap its true though and but somehow you just couldn't control falling in love with that particular guy or Haih.
Stress! Aaaarggghhh...!

Gonna do my assignments now.
Seriously needs help=.=

thanx for reading tho.:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A disturbing thought.

Have you ever had a thought that wanders around in every existing space of your mind and you just could not get it out?
This is happening to me now and I'm so frustrated till a point i feel like shaking my head so much, so the thought will be broken into pieces.

It's distracting my concentration in class, disturbing my sleep, making me moody sometimes and bringing other negative effects into my life.

I still could not get over it but i will try to anyway.
Go to hell you stupid disturbing thought!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today i saw two girls. They are roommates. Both are my friends. They had a fight yesterday. Now they are back together with a grateful smile pasted on their faces.

I felt a pinch of pain and my heart sank in a deep grief.

It's not that i don't like seeing them happy.
Just that i used to be like that and I really truly miss that moment.

I miss her a lot. I mean like...a lot and lot and lot and lot!
And sadly to say i doubt she feels the same way.
I don't have anymore strength to keep denying that.

Thinking about this hurts me i just wanted to forget everything.
Like seriously. From the beginning. Zero.
To have amnesia.

And to the people who says you love me and so so, please don't keep saying all those bullshits and don't even keep in touch.
If you don't just fucking say so for goodness sake.

I know i'm hard to deal with but please don't give up. Even as a friend.
When i love someone, i'll do anything that's possible to be with that person. But if that person doesn't want to, what could I do?
Because I want that person to be happy too.

Don't take the thoughts of a person with a broken heart seriously.
Because most are just craps. Dogshits.

I wanna enjoy my life here, study, hopefully go to UK, get an awfully awesome result, be a damn respected cardiologist, marry someone who friggin loves me as much as i friggin love him and spend the rest of the days doing whatever i want to do at the moment.
thank u.

Friday, November 13, 2009

kalau bole nk cite lg.

oho ari ni kepala macam sparuh sewel sbb smalam buat test math cam shit sbb x study dlu malam ari sebelum tu...

uh skg tga bosan jadi rase mcm nak blog kalu boleh rase mcm nak cite sume benda yg jadi ari ni tp sebab lg 23 minit nk g mandi jadi macam cite je la ape yg sempat. td cam ade ceramah pastu igt cam bosan bosan cam ceramah biasa sbb org penceramah tu muke cam serius pastu da la x anta profile EXCEL lg jadi rase macam fuck. tapi rupenya org tu macam kelakar pastu aku, ngan member aku cam ketawa banyk2 smpai saket perot tp sorg x sebab die cm blur. patutnye die cite psl cara menempa kecemerlangan tapi rsenya tu 39% je kot pastu yg len tu sume psl die punye experience ngan marriage die haha tp aku xkesa pun sbb cite die best pastu rase cm nak dga lg.
among perkara yg die cakap ialah

-perempuan kalu betulkan tudung x kesa la kat cermin ke, kaca ke klau boleh kat lopak air pun nk jugak( yg aku rse cam bull sbb lopak air kaler coklat)

-pastu kalu g toilet kenapa laki boleh g sorg tp pompuan x boleh kene bwk teman jugak sbb nnt jd consultant tanye 'weh tudung aku ok x' pastu sorg lg jawab 'ok ok. aku aku aku?' haha

oh oh tggl lg 3 minit rse cam nak mandi cuz busuk tp nak abeskan cite dlu tp da x igt pe die ckp jd g mandi dlu laaaa...