Saturday, June 27, 2009


i've joined KMB on 23rd of June.
seen a lot of hot people there.haha
so i can refreshed my eyes quite often.

and as usual we have orientation. initially it damn sucked.
i was pretty homesick and i just wanted to go home every minute when i was there.
we had to get up at 4.30am and go to sleep at 11-12pm.

4 hours of sleep was not enough, for god's sake!!
so the morning after that when we had ceramah, my head was like a balloon full of water. hahaha...

fortunately there was no ragging.
but now i don't think it's that bad.
nevertheless, i couldn't understand why they have to separate the outing days for guys and girls.we have to go back before 7pm anyways..

thats all. and to all the people who had just started college..goodluck to u guys and hopefully you'll have fun!:D

Sunday, June 14, 2009


kay..the boredom is slowly killing me now.

btw, what i wanna talk about in this post is


seriously this kind of things kinda pretty bugged me, altho some made me laugh.
example of

you were playing football or any kind of game that involved running.
out of clumsiness you fell down and twisted your ankle. you groaned in pain 'ouch..!' while holding your hurt ankle and making a trying-to-endure-the-agony face.
your friends realized the whole situation and walked towards you.
then, they asked
'hey, dude. you okay?'
haha... it just annoyed the hell out of me.
i mean couldn't they hear my 'ouch.ouch!' and see my terrified face and me holding my ankle.
it was so goddamn obvious that i wasn't okay, okay..!
i know they're concerned but seriously, the least they could do was call the medical officer and offered to help me which they did and i was grateful for that.
somehow, i think that
UNNECESSARY QUESTION is something that will you will automatically blurt out in times of injuries and emergencies.

you were relaxing on your bed and it's already midnight.
then, then your phone vibrated coz' you got a message.

'hey..da tido?'
'hey..u asleep?'

if i was asleep(in state of unconciousness), i couldn't possibly reply you rite.
if i answered 'yeah i am' its pretty
i couldn't figure out why people ask that question.
i asked that kind of question too sometimes and i didnt know why too..haha
however, imnsho wouldnt this be more appropriate
'hey..u awake?'

you were either sms-ing or talking to someone.
then that guy said
'can i ask you something'
'can i ask you a question'
what you're saying was already a question.haiyoh...!
usually that happened when they want to ask something personal or emotional etc.
it's cool if they wanna ask that but i think they should be more specific like
'can i ask you something personal..'
something like get what i mean rite.

huh..i'm gonna go eat ice cream:DDD
hasta la vista.