Saturday, July 4, 2009


I wondered why people could be so damn nasty sometimes. This thought always struck my mind whenever I watched another human being passed by, or just walked beside me or talked cheerfully to their friends. Full of ardor, their voices sound somehow nonchalant. They seemed to be themselves, and it’s like they were really like that, but outer surfaces could really blind you deep.

They may not be what they show to the outsiders.

They may not say what they have in mind.

They may not act like how they want to actually do.

They may smile and laugh with us,
but they also smile and laugh when something unfortunate happen to us.
They may say we’re friends,
but ‘Bitch!’ appear on the board of their minds.
They may show some supports,
but hoping deep in their hearts that we would fail.

It hurt to find out that you’re having this kind of people all around you. Sneaking cunningly behind our backs, and afterward showing their angelic faces. These people could easily charm you and put you under a magic spell, thinking that you have finally found someone that you could trust, but then using their senses they would gradually attacked you slowly without you noticing.

Why do they bring pain to others?

My heart ached when I thought of them. They already gave me pain, and I...

I'm freaking mad! Those imbeciles, i wanna all of them into a box and send it to the North Pole so they will all freeze to death. hahaha(evil laugh..)

kay kay just kidding ;p

nevertheless...i hope they have a solid reason for doing this, and not for the sake of pure evilness(=.=)