Sunday, December 20, 2009


Man..this just totally irritates the hell out of me.
This one thing when u had all these thoughts that u wanna share and u're freaking enthusiastic to blog about it but u couldn't because u're in a car heading somewhere and u didn't have ur freaking notebook with u and when u got back in ur room with ur notebook on your lap and u forgot what u wanted to write.
WTH did i want to write?
Shit! Shit! Shit!

That happened to me like a LOT and i'm freaking Stressed. Errghh..!

oh Neways..i just remember something that i often think of.
We have many choices in our lives and i don't understand why people sometimes just stick to a few particular options.
Okay i'll give u an example a girl broke her mom's precious and worth of 10K flower vase due to carelesness. She'll probably freaked out and think of ways to cover it up so she won't be scolded or admit to her mom and accept her punishments like she's supposed to.

Those might be the possible and most rational solutions that a sane human can think of.
But then there are also some other alternatives eg.
1. Get hit by a train and die then u could save all the thinkings (obviously a stupid and irrational idea)
2. Kill someone else or commit serious crime which will make ur previous problem seems a lot less significant
3. Accuse ur maid or other people so they will take all the blame (only for cowards and damn unethical)
4. Run away from home and go back after 6 months or some other periods depending on how long it takes for ur mom to forgive u
5. Borrow money from everywhere and buy her a new vase
6. Say that u had a premonition that the vase is gonna bring bad luck and that u have to break it as to save the family from misfortunes .?

OK..most are just but the first option should never be in ur list because suicides will not solve much. What i want to point out here is that u have lot of choices in life. it's whether u see it or not.
now my head is pretty blank and drowning in sleepiness and before i start to sound like a freakin retard i think i better go to sleep first.

yellow pillow.

Friday, December 11, 2009

sometimes u just gotta do it

i just read my friend's, aiman post on his selamba-yet-brave act to simply ask a chic bout the t shirt she's wearing and i thot it was pretty hilarious. And it kinda reminded me of something i did before which was quite similar to his. It's pretty vague now bt i still remember about 75% of it and so i wanna post the story before i forgot about it completely.

anyways it happened in February or March i think. well mun and i was at a convenient store, actually stranded there cuz we just got out from lab and apparently we'd missed the shuttle to go back to the hostel.
altho walking back was also an option but it was bout 5km of distance,less or more and the road was pretty empty most of the times and there might be a mad rapist or something walking around, i mean you never know so it was not a good idea.

we were thinkin of a solution when suddenly a white jeep pulled over and one of the college students went out of the car and entered the shop. and GUESS WHAT he was one of the hot guys in college. bwahahahaha...:DDD sorry but i kinda have this mild, yeah just a MILD obsession towards hot and good looking guys.

back to the story. and seeing him gave me a very good idea.
obviously...why not ask him to give us a ride to the hostel?

i told about it to mun who was just as excited as i was at the sight of him.

she was like 'weh..biar betol. malu ahh..siyes ke?'

and i replied 'aku un x cm xde choice len je. try dlu la..'

we were still hesitating but there was not much time left as he was already out of the store and heading towards his jeep while giving us this weird look, (muke die mmg slenge ah time uh) for staring at him too much. but since we're quite desperate that time i kinda rushed towards him and blurted out

'weh..boleh ak tumpang? cuz kitorg cm tertinggal shuttle and so cam x tau cane nk balik..'
and showed the innocent little puppy look trying to eliminate any sign of girls-trying-to-flirt-with-guys-looks to win some sympathy.
then mun said 'aah..kitorg x tau cane da nak..'

he paused kejap..
then he smiled a bit and said 'yeah..ok'
we both replied 'siyes ke? thank u sgt2..'
and then mun and i looked at each other and whispered 'yes..yes!'
happy kot time tuh.hahaha

so we got into his jeep..and talked a bit. he told us his name and it kinda went on smoothly though sometimes we felt pretty awkward. but we learnt that he has a gf. i was like o shit what a pity i mean cuz he's such a hot looking guy with his babyface look. omg! hahahah...

when we finally reached our destination, i think if i was not mistaken he said something like 'if cm tertinggal shuttle lg ckp je..' with a cute smile on his face.
and since then we've been friends but i already lost contact with him and doubt i'll ever see him again after this cuz he continued his studies somewhere else.

hohoho..neways what i've learnt from this is that whenever u see an opportunity just grab it. and sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do in desperate moments.
and i'm pretty glad we did that.